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Imposter™ Series Wheel Skins

Enhance the appearance and value of your truck or SUV with our Impostor™ Series Wheel Skins.

The Impostor™ transforms the basic-styled steel wheels into impressive and expensive look-a-like “hi-end” chromed alloy wheels.

Every Impostor™ is a replica of the original factory wheel and fits like a “skin” right over the wheel. Constructed of high impact ABS polymer and triple-chromed plated, the Impostors™ will give your vehicle a high-styled enhanced appearance for many years. Impostor™ Wheel Skins are a snap to install. A series of interlocking metal clips securely fasten each Impostor™ in place. The maintenance of Impostors™ is just like other wheels; they can be washed with regular auto soap and are car wash safe as well.

Imposter Series Wheel Skin Simulator

Imposter Series Wheel Skin Simulator

You can now purchase the Imposter™ Series Wheel Skins direct from our website. Visit our Online Store now.

Calling from some place other than Charleston, SC? No problem. We can ship straight to your doorstep via UPS. And if we don't have what you're looking for in stock we can drop ship it straight to you from one of our many suppliers.
Wholesale Wheel and Hubcap
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