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Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Question: Why Fill Your Tires With Nitrogen . . .?
The Answer: Because Nitrogen will save you money and make for a safer ride. . .

The Facts
• Did you know that Nitrogen makes up 79% of the air we breathe? It is a clean, dry, nonflammable, safe gas for your tires. Bottom Line: It is a safe gas for your tires.

• Nitrogen does not permeate through the rubber tire wall like the Oxygen (O2) in Air will, therefore tires maintain pressure longer which improves fuel economy, increases tire life, and helps to ensure safety. Bottom Line: Your tire will maintain its proper tire pressure.

• Nitrogen reduces oxidation to tire rubber, also a contributor to better tire wear, contributing to lengthening tire life by up to 25%. Bottom Line: Your tire will last longer.

• Nitrogen reduces oxidation to tire rims normally caused by oxygen in compressed air. Bottom Line: Your rims will not corrode internally.

• Nitrogen filled tires do not fluctuate in temperature like tires filled with standard compressed air, also contributing to lengthening tire life by up to 25%. Bottom Line: Your tires will last longer.

• Maintaining the pressure in your tires to the manufacturers tire pressure specifications, improves fuel efficiency by up to 4%. Bottom Line: At these gas prices, who can afford not to try to increase fuel efficiency!!!

The Savings
We've seen an average yearly savings of $225 for the average customer. Savings calculations are based upon total miles driven per year, tire replacement cost, current price of gas, and your vehicle gas mileage. Want to know how much you can save? Come on in and we'll tell ya.

The Cost
The cost to inflate tires with Nitrogen ranges from $25 to $35 per vehicle. A one-time fillup is $25 and a year round service is $35. The year round service includes free refills and top-offs for a year.

Who's Using It?
The aviation industry, race car circuit, industrial mining, and military have been using Nitrogen to inflate their tires for years. Now this technology is available to you. Nitrogen is the proven choice for maintaining proper pressure in your tires. With gas prices as high as they are today, why not fill with Nitrogen and SAVE!

Imposter Series Wheel Skin Simulator

Imposter Series Wheel Skin Simulator

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